The right property for you. The service called Property Finding shakes the rules of real estate, permanently deleting the word “static” from the real estate dictionary. This service is very popular abroad, but still uncommon in Italy. It ensures that the clients and their needs are well-considered. Potential properties go round the clients, not the contrary. The real estate agency takes care of the person who wants to buy, no more of the person who wants to sell. Positions take a new direction and priorities change.


The research moments

Our first meeting is very important. We will examine together the purpose of the purchase and the relative expectations. Gianluca Santacatterina, key figure in the buying and selling panorama of properties abroad since 2005, will follow you both in the phase of the request and in the one of the proposal of the properties.

Later, Luxury & Tourism Ltd will start the selection of the properties present in the market and will make a survey of the ones which might correspond to the determined characteristics. Only the more satisfying solutions will be proposed to the attention of the client.

In the third and last phase the properties considered suitable to the previous requests will be submitted to the attention of the client, considering the pros and cons of every solution. The technical, legal and economical aspects will be examinated, under the profile of the profitability, the durability and the increase of the commercial value, involving, if necessary, our trusted professionals (surveyors, architects, renovation companies, etc), or anyone suggested by the client.

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